I saw God Yesterday At Greenfield Village…

I saw God Yesterday At Greenfield Village…

…in the boldness of a young man that wanted to experience everything that he saw…. immediately! (can I ride that horse, pet that duck, fall into that pond…etc.)

…in the politeness of a young lady who ordered ice cream in a way that made the servers day better.

…in the creativity of an inventor (Thomas Edison), who refused to believe that anything was impossible.

…In the Words of an innovator (Henry Ford), who hired workers for his factory based on this:   “..we do not hire a man’s history, we hire the man”.

…In the calm gentle words of a teacher reacting to a less than calm situation.

…in the ability, Given by God, to taste and to appreciate the taste of frozen Custard.

…In the simplicity of students, who wanted to take a break from site seeing, to play a simple game of  tag on the Village Green.

Where did you see God?

One thought on “I saw God Yesterday At Greenfield Village…”

  1. Thanks Jeff sometimes I over look the simple while looking for the complex. I used to see it all the time but I got too far away from it.
    Again thanks and blessings

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