More Snow!

It’s Tuesday morning and as I sometimes do I am studying at the coffee shop where Jayla Goes to preschool after Dropping her off.  The Snow is still coming down outside and I decided it is not worth it to drive back to the office before having to come and pick her up later.  as I watch the snow I am amazed how quickly the snow can cover the ground with White and make everything more beautiful.  It amazes me that God controls such a powerful force as this, that can change the whole appearance of the landscape in just a few short hours.

My attention is pulled to His power to change my landscape daily.  There is much about my life that may not look as good as I want it to, and much more about my life that isn’t good at all, and yet God, through his spirit, can not only cover, but also change the bad into good as I follow him in obedience.  He can change the lansdscape of my life and through the power of God and the Blood of his son I can be White as Snow.  What a God we serve!

An answer to the question…"What is he thinking?!?"