Pastor’s Appreciation Day 7

It’s the 31st of October, which means the end of Pastor’s appreciation month (and Halloween :-).  I could continue to write about many others in my life who have had an impact, but I choose to end with Rev. William Jones, our current State Pastor and Overseer here in Michigan.

Bill took over his current position not long after I moved back to Michigan, and followed Rev Jerry Nevitt, whom I have already shared in a previous post was a very influential leader in my life.  When Jerry retired I wasn’t sure how I felt, because I had always had a good relationship with him and valued the ability to go and to talk with him when needed for advice, counsel, or just a listening ear. I am happy to say that Pastor Bill embodied many of the same qualities that I valued in his predecessor.  

I am proud to call Bill Jones my pastor, and have on several occasions gone to him for advice, and encouragement.  I appreciate the way that he carries the mantle of leadership, but not with an air of superiority.  He is truly a co-worker in Christ, and works as hard as any other pastor to see the church and the kingdom grow.  His love for the church and its people is evident in the way that he serves us all, big or small, and works to see every pastor and church in Michigan succeed for the sake of the kingdom.  In that pursuit he must at times hold us accountable, and call us to a higher standard, but in my experience does this with compassion and grace.  

Most of all I appreciate knowing that someone has my back, and is there if I need them.  I am not alone in ministry as long as there are leaders like Bill in the church.  For that I am eternally grateful!

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