As a very Young person I began to feel strongly that if God could send Jesus to die for me, that I could’t do any less than serve him with my whole life. As I attended my very first Michigan State Youth Convention of the Church of God in MI, and heard the preaching of the late Pastor Benjamin F. Reid, I made a confident and deliberate decision to give my life to ministry.

To that end, I attended Warner Southern College, and graduated with a degree in Pastoral studies, with a minor in Biblical Studies. Since then I have served churches in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Preaching/Teaching is my first love and passion, and having sat through thousands of sermons over my lifetime, I have developed a passion to try and make my sermons INTERESTING!    It always frustrated me as a kid when the pastor was speaking many eloquent words, but without any practical application or explanation.  The Bible has a wealth of wisdom to share that is unparalleled but if we do not understand it, it is all worthless.  I believe it is my responsibility to make my sermons as informative, practical, and interesting as I can, so that people enjoy the process of hearing from God’s word.

I have been privileged to have the opportunity to not only preach, but also lead worship at the several of the churches I have served.  Music has always been a huge part of my life (and you should hear my kids sing…wow:)  No bias there) and is now a big part of my ministry.  I believe that Music in the congregational setting should be a corporate experience, and love to hear the people raise their voices and sing with all of their might.  I believe that the primary job of a worship leader is to lead the people to sing, not to put on a concert.  We always endeavor to do music that is singable for the average person, as long as they are willing to put forth the effort to learn it.  Music is also how I best connect with God, whether in corporate worship, or off by myself.

Ministry is a rich, fulfilling, frustrating, energizing, wonderful, horrible, and awesome experience. There is never a dull moment when you are following God. It is the Great adventure that Steven Curtis Chapman sings about, and as long as God provides the opportunity, I will follow.

An answer to the question…"What is he thinking?!?"